Find Unfollowers And Track New Followers On Twitter - Pro Edition App Reviews

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Not even is it the time to customize the graphics for the iPhone 6?

Does what its meant to do

The app works just fine, it does what its meant to do. The only problem is that it sometimes crashes when I try to unfollow people within the app.

Worth the money!

Really easy. Always current. Tip: buy the complete app up front. Totally worth it. 4 stars because I cant enable my phones in-app purchases and I would like another option to upgrade. :-)

All good

Can be useful, some features could be better

Longtime user. Greatly useful App!

An excellent app for finding those that have unfollowed your Twitter. I would have given 5 stars if the App hadnt force me to write this review to continue to use all of its features even though I did have to originally pay for the app.

Good app

This is a good app!

Pass on this one & save your $$

Cannot unfollow and block a someone at the same time, doesnt seem to allow you to customize auto tweets, AND... Im Not certain this App is doing what it claims to do? I have unfollowed and blocked users with this App but I am still receiving their tweets & direct messages. The App also has a tendency to "crash" sporadically... What up?

Very good

Love this app

Pro Version?

Bought the pro version but not clear on what additional features it provides. When I select any of the advanced options it asks me to buy them. So what do you get in the pro version? Otherwise, the app loaded fine and instantly showed me my stats. Note that it can only show you unfollow stats going forward, not from the past.


I love this app

Great app

Very much worth the purchase

Its straight

Just writing a review because it is making me to

Update Please

What happened to your developer app page. I checked it out after another reviewer mentioned it. The webpage is no longer there. Why? Your app crashed on me a lot, but I never complained and used the app anyways. Recently, it showed Follower and/or Unfollower results. After I clicked on it it would disappear as if there were never any results at all. I had to reinstall the app. Now it works fine. I dont have thousands of followers, thank God. I read some of the other reviews.

Stop nagging me to review

If you like to be annoyed by constant requests to give a review, then this is the app for you! No means no. Stop asking me to review every time I open the app! Update: I stopped using the app because I wanted to punch someone in the face everytime it nagged me to write a review. Decided to give it another try. Still the same! Im done. Stop asking me to review this app!!

Doesnt work

This used to work but hasnt been updated in a while. Now it doesnt work at all.

Great app!

Excellent app for Twitter users interested in keeping track of their follower / unfollower stats!

It doesn’t work

This app hasnt been updated for two years. I wasted money buying all the premium features. Apple ought to stop carrying this useless app. Its a rip off.

Absolutely awful

It refused to switch accounts without crashing and when I redownloaded it, it doesnt even open. Developers are unresponsive. It literally does not work anymore. An absolute waste of money


It is a good app, but frustrating that it does not work in landscape mode

its cool.

I dont really use the app very much but I guess it wants my input? So I only use it when I see less than 71 follows lol so its pretty fine I guess when I do lose one I just come on here see which slag unfollowed so yeah.

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